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2016-12-25 11:27:38 by Doomdestroyer

Merry Christmas to everyone =)

It's Christmas day; be happy and be joyful.

Collab will be soon and one thing I want to announce is that I was sick.

 In the night, temperature caught me and I had to lie in bed so I didn't could publish creations.

But now I am better,

That's the thing I want to announce.

Again, Merry Christmas.


New Collab SOON...

2016-12-16 15:08:20 by Doomdestroyer

I now gonna make some scene for collab ( Stickaman:vision) 

with mariomadness2004 and branimirmadness(gamer)1234.

I hope it will be extremly good.



Don't hate me

2016-12-05 08:41:26 by Doomdestroyer

Yesterday ,I see some haters who gave me bad grades and cursed by the comments.

So do not get hate me because my work a little bad. To I'll Correct.

Follow Mariomadness2004;

Follow Ante45;

Follow CatOfShow;

Follow Botnot345;


And follow Fanfollow;

He accompanied many people,



5 FANS!!!

2016-12-02 15:58:20 by Doomdestroyer

Today we have 5 fans. For this moment I will publish one art.

Do not think that I have no animations, I'II make then for week...(maybe)

Give me ideas for that.

Follow mariomadness2004;

He is my friend and doing a good animations...

Thank you for follow me.


Almost 5 fans

2016-11-29 15:40:12 by Doomdestroyer

We almost have 5 fans...

Sorry, because  

I don't make animations, games and other...

But soon will be published animations.

Follow me because I try to do some arts (soon animations).


Follow Ante45:

Follow Mariomadness2004:


Please if you have free time tell other(only those having Newgrounds) of my work.



My new newgrounds

2016-11-11 05:52:15 by Doomdestroyer

Hello, I am Doomdestroyer.

I love arts and animations, games,..

This is first my NewGrounds account. I hope you liked and follow me.

I do all to enjory my arts, animations,..

I Hope we pass 10 or more fans,..